Cross Recurrence Plot Toolbox v5.29 (R38)

CRP Toolbox


Version 2.1 (R5.2), last mod. 23-May-2012 11:15:22

A precompiled plugin for the computation of (cross/ joint) recurrence plots and their quantification can be used for really long data series (several 10 000 data points). It may accelerate the computation as well.


When installed, this plugin is used automatically by the commands crp, crp_big, crp2, jrp, crqa and jrqa, if Maximum norm, Euclidean norm, Minimum norm, Order patterns or Distance matrix is used as a neighbourhood criterion. If two data vectors are used (for cross or joint recurrence plots), the plugin will only work if both data vectors have the same length.

Supported systems – download plugin

The following systems are supported:

True64 OSF1(5.1) on alpha  plugininstall_osf.m
HP-UX 11 on HP U9000plugininstall_hpux.m
Solaris 5.9 on Sunplugininstall_sun.m
Linux on i686plugininstall_i686.m
Linux on AMD Opteron 64plugininstall_x86_64.m
Linux on Intel Itanium 2plugininstall_ia64.m
Mac OSX PowerPCplugininstall_mac.m
Mac OSX Intel64plugininstall_mac64.m
Dos/Win on x86plugininstall_pcwin.m

To download the plugin, right-click on the corresponding link and chose "save link target as" in the context menu.


Download the corresponding installation script plugininstall.m for your system and put it in any folder, where MATLAB can find it. Call plugininstall from the MATLAB commandline. You may check if it works with the command rp_plugin.