Cross Recurrence Plot Toolbox v5.29 (R38)

CRP Toolbox

Error Handling

If an error occurs, an extensive error report will be supplied in the file error.log. Please send us this error report and provide a complete description of what you were doing when this problem occurred: The function with all the used parameters, together with the data and the error-log

E-mail this information to:
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Error Codes

The following error codes mark the location of the error in the programmes.

codelocation in programme
0  ok
1  initialization
2  create crp figure
3  create control gui
4  vectorswitch/ vectorexclude
5  fit dimension display
6  unthresh
7  stretch
81  change colormap
82  change colormap scale
9  store
91  print
101  close all
102  smart close
11  init computation
111  local CRP, fixed distance maximum norm
112  local CRP, fixed distance euclidean norm
113  local CRP, fixed distance minimum norm
114  local CRP, normalized distance euclidean norm
115  local CRP, fixed neigbours amount
116  local CRP, interdependent neigbours method
117  order matrix
118  global CRP
12  show local CRP
13  show global CRP
14  set handles and axes ratios
15  LOS store
16  LOS move
161  LOS move end
17  LOS clear
18  LOS set
19  LOS search
191   looks for the beginning of the diagonal LOS
192  start estimation of the LOS
193  looks for the existence of the next recurrence point
194  determines the coordinates of the next recurrence point
195  determines the local width of the diagonal LOS
196  compute the mean of the diagonal LOS
197  DTW algorithm, seek process
198  DTW algorithm, fixed points
199  show LOS
20  CRQA computation
30  CRQA plot
99  installation