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When using this package, please cite the following references:

D. Maraun, J. Kurths and M. Holschneider: Nonstationary Gaussian Processes in Wavelet Domain: Synthesis, Estimation and Significance Testing. Phys. Rev. E 75, 016707, 2007

D. Maraun and J. Kurths: Cross Wavelet Analysis. Significance Testing and Pitfalls, Nonlin. Proc. Geoph. 11(4), 505-514, 2004, pdf, 282kB

Download (R version)
Attention! Don't use the R version 2.2.0, as there seems to be a bug in the R / C interface such that the results from the C-subroutines get wrong.

-Package for Linux sowas_0.93.tar.gz, 4.9kB
-Package for Windows, 108kB

The files contain R-functions and manual pages. You further need to install the Rwave-package from Rene Carmona et al which you will find at
Here you may find a version history of all relevant changes since May 5th 2005.

may be downloaded from There you can find free software for linux, unix, windows and Mac as well as manuals, installation guides and many other packages.

Installation (R version for Linux)
Linux users may just download the sowas and Rwave packages and copy them to the sub-directory "library" of your R directory. Go to this directory and simply execute


For the installation of R, please refer to

Download (Matlab version)
Matlab-Package, 4.9kB
The file contains Matlab-functions. You further need to install the wavelet.m and wave_bases.m functions from Torrence and Compo which you will find here.
Here you may find a version history of all relevant changes since May 5th 2005.

Installation (Matlab version)
Just copy the functions and directories contained in the zip file together with the functions from Torrence and Compo to the same directory. Simply start Matlab in this directory. The example data are in the subdirectory.