+++I published a new wavelet paper with two colleagues. It is a hopefully easy to read review of new developments in wavelet spectral analysis with an hydrological application:
Bettina Schaefli, Douglas Maraun and Matthias Holschneider: What drives high flow events in the Swiss Alps? Recent developments in wavelet spectral analysis and their application to hydrology, Adv. Wat. Resour. 30(12), 2511-2525 , 2007, online
NB! There are errors in ref [19] in the paper. The correct one is:
Douglas Maraun, Juergen Kurths and Matthias Holschneider: Nonstationary Gaussian Processes in Wavelet Domain: Synthesis, Estimation and Significance Testing. Phys. Rev. E 75, 016707, 2007, pdf, 738 kB +++
+++ R Version for WINDOWS: +++
+++ The MATLAB version 0.93 now has got an updated description file. sowas for Matlab requires the wavelet programmes "wavelet.m" and "wave_bases.m" from Torrence and Compo, which you might download here, and the Signal Processing Toolbox. +++
+++ Before using sowas, please have a look at the first version of my sowas tutorial (R and Matlab versions) (see link on the left). This page provides some illustrative examples to get a feeling for the sowas functions. +++

These pages are dedicated to provide software for continuous wavelet spectral analysis and synthesis and the necessary theoretical background. A particular feature of this package is a recently developed significance test.

+ Wavelet spectrum and its estimator (Wavelet sample spectrum)
+ Wavelet cross spectrum and wavelet coherence and their estimators
+ Significance tests for the wavelet spectrum and wavelet coherence
+ Wavelet based surrogate data

A software package for R and Matlab may be downloaded for free. This work has been supported by the SFB 555 of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

If you have got any questions or problems with the software, please feel free to contact me:

Dr. Douglas Maraun
Department of Geography
University of Giessen
++49 (0) 641 9936215
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