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Plots wavelet transform


If plotting results from wsp,wcs or wco, better use plot.wt(), which is a wrapper function that calls this function. This function plots results from the functions cwt.ts,wsp,wcs,wco. Modulus and (if possible) phase are plotted.


plotwt(wt, phs, t, s0, noctave, w0, cv = NULL, at = NULL, markt = -999,
marks = -999, t1 = NULL, t2 = NULL, logscale = FALSE, phase = FALSE,
units = "", plottitle = "Wavelet Plot", device = "screen", file =
"wavelet", split = FALSE, color = TRUE, pwidth = 10, pheight = 7, labsc
= 1, labtext = "", sigplot = 1, xax = NULL, xlab = NULL, yax = NULL,
ylab = NULL)


wt matrix of real values (e.g. modulus, power, coherency) of dimension [length(time vector)]x[nvoice*noctave]
phs matrix of phase values (i.e. [-pi,pi]) of dimension [length(time vector)]x[nvoice*noctave]
t time vector
s0 lowest calculated scale in units of the time series
noctave numbers of octaves
w0 time/frequency resolution omega0
cv vector of critical values for each scale of length nvoice*noctave+1. If cv=0 is chosen, no critical values are plotted.
at matrix with results from areawise test
markt vector of times to be marked by vertical dotted lines; when set to -999 (default), no lines are plotted.
marks vector of scales to be marked by horizontal dotted lines; when set to -999 (default), no lines are plotted.
t1 Starting time of the plot. If NULL (default), then the plot covers the entire range available
t2 Ending time of the plot. If NULL (default), then the plot covers the entire range available
logscale when TRUE, the contours are plotted in logarithmic scale
phase TRUE if phase is to be plotted
units character string giving units of the data sets; default: ""
plottitle character string giving plot title
device "screen" or "ps"
file character string giving filename of graphical output without extension
split when TRUE, modulus and phase are splitted into two files. Default: FALSE
color TRUE (default): color plot, FALSE: gray scale
pwidth width of plot in cm
pheight height of plot in cm
labsc scale of labels, default: 1, for two-column manuscripts: 1.5, for presentations: >2
labtext puts a label in upper left corner of the plot
sigplot 0: no significance test plotted, 1: results from pointwise test, 2: results from areawise test, 3: results from both tests
xax user defind x-axis
xlab user defind x-labels
yax user defind y-axis
ylab user defind y-labels


When cv=0 or -1 is chosen, no critical values are plotted. The cone of influence is marked by black lines. If cv is a vector, the routine assumes that every value represents a critical value, which is constant in scale. If cv is a matrix, it assumes every row to contain scale dependent critical values, each row stands for one significance level. Values outside the cone of influence should be interpreted very carefully, as they result from a significant contribution of zero padding at the beginning and the end of the time series. For a better visualization, additional dotted lines marking distinct times or scales might be plotted by providing the vectors markt and marks.


No value returned


D. Maraun


See Also

cwt.ts, wsp, wcs, wco



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