Software for Wavelet Analysis and Synthesis

Documentation for package `sowas' version 0.93

Help Pages

air AIR-Index
createar AR process time series
createwgn White noise time series
criticalvaluesWCO Estimates critical values for wavelet coherency
criticalvaluesWSP Estimates critical values for Wavelet spectra
cwt.ts Continuous Wavelet transformation of time series object
nao NAO-Index
nino3 NINO3-Index
plot.wt Plots wavelet transform
plotwt Plots wavelet transform
readmatrix Loads matrix from file
readts Load time series from file
rk Reproducing Kernel of the Morlet Wavelet
wco Wavelet Sample Coherency
wcs Wavelet Sample Cross Spectrum
writematrix Writes matrix to file
wsp Wavelet Sample Spectrum