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TOOLBOX 5.22 (R32.2)

The toolbox contains MATLAB® routines for computing recurrence plots and related problems. New developments as extended recurrence quantification (Marwan et al., Phys. Rev. E, 2002), cross recurrence plots (Marwan & Kurths, Phys. Lett. A, 2002; Marwan et al., Nonlin. Proc. Geophys., 2002) and joint recurrence plots (Romano et al., Phys. Lett. A, 2004) are included.

Note: A prototype for estimation of confidence intervals for RQA measures is available at We plan to include it in the CRP toolbox in a future version.

The most programmes contain a user-friendly graphical user interface, a pure command-line application of the programmes is also possible.

This toolbox requires MATLAB 7 or newer.

Parameters in [ ] are optional.

Starting with Release R2014b, MATLAB contains significant changes that is causing some problems for running the CRP Toolbox in new MATLAB versions. We have tried to fix several serious issues and provide an updated CRP Toolbox (R29.0) that might be mainly compatible to the MATLAB releases starting with R2014b. However, due to a new but less efficient handling of objects within MATLAB R2014b, the speed of some functions of the CRP Toolbox will be lowered by a factor up to 10(!). We have not yet found a good solution to speed up the code (the problem is not the implementation of the CRP Toolbox but in some MATLAB internal functions related to the object handling).

At the moment it is strongly recommend to use MATLAB versions up to release R2014a and to avoid R2014b (and later).

How to get

Look at the installation notes.

How to contact

Get the contact information on the web site of Norbert Marwan.


The development of is toolbox was partly supported by the projects Nonlinear Phase and Correlation Analysis of Palaeomagnetic and Palaeoclimatic Records within the Priority Programme SP1097 Geomagnetic variations: Spatio-temporal variations, processes and impacts on the system Earth of the German Science Foundation (DFG), the project BONE3D (MAP AO-2004-125) of the Microgravity Application Program/ Biotechnology from the Human Spaceflight Program of the European Space Agency, and the BioSim Network of Excellence.

Moreover, I'm especially grateful to Giovanna Varni (Genova, Italy), Paolo Sirabella (Roma, Italy), Shine Lu (Nan Jing, China), Charles L. Webber (Chicago, USA), Joseph P. Zbilut (Chicago, USA), Simon Mandelj (Slovenia), Denis Mottet (Montpellier, France), Micahel Wess (Vienna, Austria), Eleni Vlahogianni (Athens, Greece), George Tzagkarakis (Paris, France), Arian Taghvamanesh (Tehran, Iran), Vahndi Minah (London, UK), Florian Ruch (Munich, Germany), Mircea Stoica (Hamburg Eppendorf, Germany), and many more who have sent me error reports and hints for further improvement of the toolbox.


This toolbox needs MATLAB 7 (MATLAB 2007) or newer because it uses commands that are not available in previous versions. It is working with MATLAB 2014b, but we recommend to use a MATLAB version before this release because MATLAB 2014b is significantly slower than previous MATLAB versions.

The toolbox is still under development. We cannot give any warranty for anything related with our programmes. Please send error messages or comments to our contact address.



This toolbox is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL. Please respect the copyrights! The toolbox is protected by the copyright and the GPL. If you use the provided toolbox you have to refer to the given publications (see the user agreement on the installation site).

Future releases

We plan to improve and accelerate the toolbox routines and to include further methods of nonlinear data analysis.

A plain commandline version for creation of recurrence plots and RQA analysis is available for some Unix/Linux and Dos/Windows systems.

current version: 5.22 (R32.2)
last revision: 14-May-2018 10:30:21


    GNU general public license